Memetech is an international player which pays great attention to the marketplace, the development and welfare of the individuals and communities involved in its business. Therefore, the challenges of the frame in which the company is growing push Memetech to take into consideration the interests of all people having an interest in the corporate business and strengthen the importance to clearly define the values that Memetech accepts, acknowledges and shares as well as the responsibilities it assumes, contributing to a better future for everybody.

Given the above, Memetech has adopted and implemented an organizational, management and control model pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 231 of 2001, which introduced a system of administrative responsibility for legal entities, companies and associations, even those without legal personality.

The Model is a set of principles, rules and controls aimed at guaranteeing transparency and fairness and providing the company with a tool to protect and prevent the risk of committing the offenses envisaged by the aforementioned decree. Memetech has appointed a Supervisory Body, responsible for overseeing the functioning and compliance of the Model, to verify over time the adequacy, correct application and effectiveness of the model.

In this section you will find the Organizational Model and the Code of Conduct adopted by Memetech in the original language.

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