Mission & Vision

"Projects that gives value to knowledge and promote innovation to improve the lives of people who use it "

What we do, How we do, Why we do

Memetech’s mission is based on the principle of providing specific expertise for the design and integration of Innovative Technology within business systems. Combining innovative technology with up-to-date organizational models is the way through which an idea can create truly revolutionary values for industrial processes and services, improving Economic and Social Development.

Memetech supports the development of technical knowledge, inventions, ideas and patents, and helps them to evolve into fully operative processes and services. In doing so, we accompany clients along their path of modernization as Technology Partner, looking to a future in which technology enhances opportunities for the growth and progress of human society, whose ultimate goal is the Economic and Social Development.

"Innovation that creates evolution"

A Vision to the Future

Adding value to knowledge and promoting innovation are the basic principles underlying the company’s policy.

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