15 Apr 2018

Creation of an ICT system for the Administration of the Algerian Ministry of Public Works

The development of a high-performance communications infrastructure linking its central site in Algeria (MTP – Ministry of Public Works) with its directorates at Wilaya (provincial) level (DTP – Public Works Directorates) and its agencies.

This is a set of solutions for administration management and teamwork which includes:
– PGI or software packages for managing the central administration of the Ministry and the Directorates
– Electronic Documentation Management solution
– Decision support solution
– Expansion of Public Works sector e-mail services

This information system is completed by the introduction, use and development of the following business tools:
– Management program for investment budget forecasts for the public works sector
– Program for supervising the execution of public works projects

This contract has led to the purchase of equipment and software licences which have made it possible to establish an inter-site communication infrastructure.

General framework of intervention
The project provides for:
– The establishment of a Central Data Centre and its management system for data storage
– The operation of equipment at second level remote sites (DTP and agencies)
– The interconnection of the various sites and individual workstations

The contract provides for the supply, installation, set up and transfer of skills required for the system to function correctly.