Research & Development

Developing an innovative future

R&D is at the core of our growth strategy and our identity as a technology company. We are committed to developing new Innovative Technologies and finding solutions that meet and anticipate market demands in our fields of expertise.

In pursuing innovation, we have widened it to analyze and optimize every single element that contributes to the software performance, including Software Engineering, design and process optimization. 

In its R&D activity, Memetech employs an iterative software development process framework called AUP Technology. This approach describes a simple, easy to understand way to developing business application software, using agile technique and concepts.

AUP includes seven disciplines:
Model. Understand the business of the organization, the problem domain being addressed by the project, and identify a viable solution to address the problem domain. 
Implementation. Transform model(s) into executable code and perform a basic level of testing, in particular, unit testing.
Test. Perform an objective evaluation to ensure quality. This includes finding defects, validating that the system works as designed, and verifying that the requirements are met.
Deployment. Plan for the delivery of the system and to execute the plan to make the system available to end users.
Configuration Management. Manage access to project artifacts. This includes not only tracking artifact versions over time but also controlling and managing changes to them.
Project Management. Direct the activities that take place within the project. This includes managing risks, directing people (assigning tasks, tracking progress, etc.), and coordinating with people and systems outside the scope of the project to be sure that it is delivered on time and within budget.
Environment. Support the rest of the effort by ensuring that the proper process, guidance (standards and guidelines), and tools (hardware, software, etc.) are available for the team as needed.

Memetech’s R&D dept. is focused on solutions for Emerging Markets, taking in high consideration their Economic and Social Development. These aspects make us the ideal Technology Partner for these realities.


Provided Services

  • Access to product update releases and documentation
  • Test and Installation of all critical updates
  • Incident and Problem tracking tool
  • Response time guarantee
  • Deployment of a working workaround
  • Software maintenance and 3rd line support
  • Regular Operating System patches/updates during the warranty period

How we execute them

  • With a “Web Portal Hot-Line” platform
  • A team of dedicated experts to resolve issues quickly 24×7
  • 8×5 direct access to our expert using phone support
  • If needed Onsite support after remote diagnosis
  • International support

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